An ensemble de ressemblances

short film

con / with Mara Pieri

ideazione, regia e montaggio / ideated, directed and edited by Elia Covolan

06’00”, 2015

A serie of portraits slowly fades into a performance in which the same face becomes many persons thanks to the intervention of a second person which appears as a phantasmatique presence. Identity in the portrait exists only for few moments, the ones necessary to slowly transit from one gender to another, from an age to another, to become a person and then its opposite. The performance shows the same body becoming different bodies: the “day after”of selfies is thus representing a fake identity that changes thanks to the intervention of the ancient technique of make-up. Borders and boundaries between gender, age, personality come to be visible during the endless changing: as in a never-closing changing room, the identity of the subject portrayed is something to play on, focusing on the fluidity between one status and the other, and including the audience in the process. The person depicted is then an ensemble of resemblances, more than the sum of its declinations, and less than its real substance.


Girato presso / filmed at La Peluqueria, Trento, Italy.